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Re: two CVS checkout differ though -D is same

On Mon, 03 Nov 2008, Cem Kayali wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/features and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/features  
> differ
> Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/autowrite and  

All files in usr.bin/vi were deleted on 2008-10-29.

Revision 1.2 of usr.bin/vi/docs/internals autowrite records the
deletion of the file.  It appears that a "cvs checkout -D"20080925-UTC"
performed before the deletion gets the most recent revision on the
vendor branch that satisfies the date constraint (revision
for usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/autowrite) while the same checkout
performed after the deletion gives the most recent revision on the
main line that satisfies the date constraint (revision 1.1 for
usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/autowrite, since revision 1.2 does not satisfy
the date constraint).

This is traceable to a design flaw in the way cvs handles the magic
1.1.1 vendor branch.  Before revision 1.2 existed, the *.v file in the
repository would have had "head 1.1" and "branch 1.1.1" lines near the
top telling CVS to use the vendor branch.  After revision 1.2 exists,
it has "head 1.2" but no "branch" line, so CVS doesn't realise that
revisions 1.1.1.* should logically belong in between revisions 1.1 and

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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