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Re: two CVS checkout differ though -D is same

Sorry, this just make me curious, and if someone reply i would appreicate.

Is it normal if i do checkout using ie; "cvs checkout -D20080901-UTC" on different days and some of files somehow differ? Is this exptected?


Cem Kayali, 11/01/08 01:42:


I completed 2 times CVS checkout using -D'sameday'-UTC parameter, and one of them was about a month ago and one of them was yesterday. Some of files (except CVS/* ones) differ:

diff -r -q -x CVS src src-new > src.diff.txt
Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/features and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/features differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/autowrite and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/autowrite differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/context and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/context differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/gdb.script and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/gdb.script differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/input and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/input differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/quoting and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/quoting differ Files src/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/structures and src-new/usr.bin/vi/docs/internals/structures differ

Well, all of them are under /src/usr.bin/vi/docs folder (no important files) but i just expected no difference...


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