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Re: two CVS checkout differ though -D is same

David Holland wrote:
On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 11:14:19PM -0500, David Maxwell wrote:
 > > > Is it normal if i do checkout using ie; "cvs checkout -D20080901-UTC" on
 > > > different days and some of files somehow differ? Is this exptected?
> > > > It doesn't sound expected. > > If you do one of them before 20080901 is over, the results can change. > > I've never spent the time to figure out exactly what cvs returns for
 > -D checkouts, but when there are multiple commits in a day, which one
 > you get isn't obvious beforehand.

I was under the vague impression that it's supposed to give you 0000Z
on that date, but maybe not. I've never bothered to figure it exactly
either, especially since the date formats CVS accepts are (or used to
be at least) entirely different from the ones the documentation

I think it's actually documented somewhere that unless a time is specified, it is 0:00 that is used. And I also seem to remember that CVS is quite liberal on what formats for date/time are accepted.

And no, the result shouldn't change if you run the command during the day. It should give you a view of the repository as it was at midnight. If something change during the day, that wasn't there at midnight, so it should not show up anyway.

The one thing that I'm not sure about is the possibility that timezones could play into this, changing when midnight is.
Not at all sure how cvs interacts with local timezones on this. :-)


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