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Re: [gmane.os.netbsd.current] Re: NetBSD on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 ?

   Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 13:33:25 +0200 (CEST)
   From: "Joel CARNAT" <>

   nope, OpenBSD recognised it, but it is not configured:
   "Broadcom BCM4315" rev 0x01 at pci3 dev 0 function 0 not configured

   I have found the entry in pcidevs but the driver does not seem to be here

   I didn't try any Linux on it.

I ported bwi(4) to NetBSD from OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD.  It works for
me on a PowerBook G4 with an AirPort Extreme card, which is a Broadcom
BCM 4309 card, whose PCI product id is 0x4320.  If you're brave, the
patch is in <>, and it
applies cleanly to and builds in HEAD and netbsd-4 as of about a month
ago.  The firmware at <>
is necessary for this to operate.  Furthermore, you'll need to modify
the code in sys/dev/pci/if_bwi_pci.c so that it accepts the BCM 4315
as well, whose product id I don't actually know -- it's not listed at --: you'll have to find it by grovelling through the
PCI tree.  Neither DragonFlyBSD nor OpenBSD, when I checked their
sources out, knew about the BCM 4315; nor does the Linux bcm43xx
driver, as far as I know.

Caveat: I really don't know anything about the hardware you have; I am
only guessing that it might possibly be similar to other BCM 43xx
devices.  It's up to you whether you want to risk letting the magic
smoke out of your laptop by trying bwi(4) with your hardware; all I
know is that bwi(4) works for me on mine.  On the other hand, if you
are a brave and enterprising soul, I'd like to know whether bwi(4)
does anything interesting with your hardware -- even if you can't get
packets through, I'd still like to know if, say, it claims to
successfully load the firmware, adjust the TX power, &c.

(Please cc me in replies, since I'm not subscribed to the list.)

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