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Re: NFS lockups in Xen/amd64 -currentish?

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Ok, so I'm back again from two weeks of travel and just to sort of wrap up this issue I'd like to report that

a) I tried Martin's suggestion of TCP mounts and/or smaller packets. No difference.

b) I was unable to use Sarton's suggestion of using a DOMU as the NFS server because of other constraints. But in general I agree that's probably the right thing regardless of my particular problem.

c) In the end I worked around my acute problems with hanging NFS mounts by making my DOMU images larger and just pre-populate them with all the stuff I usually access via NFS. That worked fine of course, but the underlying problem with NFS for that particular August cut of - current remains for me.

I will not spend more time on this but will rather bring the involved machines closer to -current and hope that it resolves itself.

Thanks for your responses,


On 16 Sep 2008, Martin Husemann wrote:

On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 10:00:47PM +0200, Johan Ihren wrote:
Does anyone know of any recent NFS issues that cause hangs?

Could you try if using TCP mounts help?
Or if reducing read/write packet size to, say, 1024 helps?


On 16 Sep 2008, Sarton O'Brien wrote:

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 06:00:47 Johan Ihren wrote:

In a Xen environment where I run an amd64 DOM0 with either amd64 or
i386pae DOMUs I ran into the problem that amd64 DOMUs could not NFS
mount anything from the DOM0. As soon as they touched NFS they hang
hard. Now, I know that NFS problems tend to make things hang, and it
is sometimes hard to distinguish between "hang" as in "kernel is hung"
or as in "kernel is waiting for something".

This may not help any but I have run into similar issues whenever I run certain services on dom0. Running the same service from a domu and working in
reverse has always worked.

It all started for me when I noticed my dom0 couldn't see broadcast packets and therefore wouldn't respond to broadcast queries. I didn't bother going any
further and the interest was limited.

I didn't like moving these services to a domu as they were central but
admittedly it has helped prevent the dom0 from panicing as regularly ;)

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