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Re: NFS lockups in Xen/amd64 -currentish?

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 06:00:47 Johan Ihren wrote:
> Hi,
> In a Xen environment where I run an amd64 DOM0 with either amd64 or
> i386pae DOMUs I ran into the problem that amd64 DOMUs could not NFS
> mount anything from the DOM0. As soon as they touched NFS they hang
> hard. Now, I know that NFS problems tend to make things hang, and it
> is sometimes hard to distinguish between "hang" as in "kernel is hung"
> or as in "kernel is waiting for something".

This may not help any but I have run into similar issues whenever I run 
certain services on dom0. Running the same service from a domu and working in 
reverse has always worked.

It all started for me when I noticed my dom0 couldn't see broadcast packets 
and therefore wouldn't respond to broadcast queries. I didn't bother going any 
further and the interest was limited.

I didn't like moving these services to a domu as they were central but 
admittedly it has helped prevent the dom0 from panicing as regularly ;)


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