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Re: (AGP) related panic

"Blair Sadewitz" <> writes:

> Please try building a GENERIC kernel to see if this recurs.

I have reproduced the problem with GENERIC,
backtrace is the same, no crash dump again.

Additional information: when I start X server (yes, the keyboard
still doesn't function there) and switch to the console terminal,
I see numerous messages

    (EE) intel(0): underrun on pipe B!

I observe the same problem on FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE with
pkgsrc-built (current as of 2 weeks ago) modular
It doesn't crash the kernel there, it just gets killed.

After several switches between X server and console,
I observed broken font in wscons terminal.
I have reported this earlier, nobody replied then.
This looked like X server broke console fonts when run
long time, converting all characters into whitespace.
I had to switch to wsfb console to work around that.

I'm using currently:


I still have problems and need directions on what to do to help
hunting it down.


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