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Re: (AGP) related panic

Aleksej Saushev <> writes:

>> I'm observing reproducable panic with sources as of today,
>> ca. 10:45 MSD, no crash dump is generated, system just hangs,
>> handwritten backtrace follows:
>> uvm_pglistalloc: page not on freelist
>> uvm_pglist_add
>> uvm_pglistalloc
>> _bus_dmamem_alloc_range
>> _bus_dmamem_alloc
>> agp_generic_bind_memory
>> cdev_ioctl
>> spec_ioctl
>> VOP_ioctl
>> vn_ioctl
>> sys_ioctl
> I have modified kernel source (see below), am running modified
> kernel now, no panic so far. Yet the keyboard doesn't work in X
> server, which renders it completely useless.

I've tracked keyboard issue down, it isn't connected with AGP issue,
yet the latter original stays.

I've fallen back to VESA driver, but this isn't good.

Does anyone else experience the problem?
Should I file PR?


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