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Re: Native X.Org: testers wanted

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 04:44:08PM +0200, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> Please point me to your patches that enable us to use pkgsrc from
> and cross-compile from about any POSIX system.  I

I have no interest in including graphical subsystems in my base
operating system release.  And when I do wish to use them, I have no
interest in cross-compiling them.  Therefore, I regret to inform you
that I have developed no such patches to contribute.

> really won't mind flushing down the toilets rtr and mrg's work

I'm sure it's good, fine work.  And probably ought to be contributed
to the good, fine project that is Xorg.  Which isn't to say I am
unappreciative or disapprove.  I just find it difficult to see how
repeating those actions which lead to the high-inertia, stale XFree86
which had been dragged along for years is more beneficial than
investing in wscons, pkgsrc, and an independent Xorg.

> because I feel the same as you do.  And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't
> mind that the pkgsrc people would be the only ones maintaining X.Org.
> Oh, wait, maybe you were just being snotty.

Well no, actually; it was a statement of fact.  But it amuses me that
the reaction I get is so defensive.  Ahh, anger and the ad hominem:
last recourse of the exhausted argument.

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