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Re: Native X.Org: testers wanted


I use modular Xorg from pkgsrc, and i would like to know advantages and/or important differences between mentioned native Xorg and modular Xorg --- except one of them is in /usr/X11R6 while other in /usr/pkg/*


Quentin Garnier, 09/22/08 02:43:

As people following source-changes probably noticed, X.Org made a huge
come back into our source tree the past few weeks.  It is a bit
unfortunate, but it has been seen as the most simple solution of getting
an easily cross-compilable and modern X server on NetBSD.

It has reached the point where it is somewhat useable, thanks to the
tremendous work initiated a few years back by Tyler Retzlaff and ported
to current by Matthew R. Green the past few weeks.

In order to compile the base system with X.Org, you need to define
MKXORG=yes in mk.conf or in your command-line.

The last remaining big hurdle is the compatibility with pkgsrc.

Because pkgsrc is so close to branching 2008Q3, I chose not to interfere
with that work so I created a branch, cube-native-xorg.

I think that it is now ready for public consumption.  Before it can be
merged, however, I'd like bulk builds to be run on at least the
following platforms:

  - NetBSD-current/native X.Org  (duh)
  - NetBSD 4.0/native XFree86
  - NetBSD 3.0/native XFree86
  - MacOS X/native X11

I'm ok with people trying native X.Org on your random Linux distro, but
I don't think it will give meaningful results (either by working or not

Note that in order to use cube-native-xorg, you'll want to remove all
x11-related packages of your system, notably x11-links if you have it.

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