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Re: [PATCH] Add PCI-IDs for ASUS-F5SL and some SiS chips

thacrazze wrote:
Debian, Arch Linux is also a volunteer-ran, volunteer-developed open
source operating system. And on these operating systems works my
ethernet, wireless lan, sound, 3d acceleration, power management
On OpenBSD works at least my wireless network (ath driver) and the FN
keys (acpiasus driver) in contrast to NetBSD.

So now I say Good bye NetBSD for me.

I use archlinux and NetBSD. The two are good for completely different reasons. It's about using the right tool for the job. Arch has 3d acceleration out of the box? Now you're just lying. Yes there are drivers for chipsets that NetBSD doesn't support but that's linux in general. Ever heard the term 'Apples and oranges'?

There's lack of hardware support because people, volunteers, you, haven't submitted any useful code when identifying what doesn't work. Blame yourself.

You seem to need a new career ... or a better hobby.

Good luck.

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