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Re: [PATCH] Add PCI-IDs for ASUS-F5SL and some SiS chips

> But why has NetBSD for webcams but not for the most of the ethernet
> chips? I think the project sets the wrong prioritys.
> e.g. What is the use of my webcam if I do not have access to the
> Internet with NetBSD because missing network drivers (no LAN, no
> WLAN)?

NetBSD is volunteer-ran, volunteer-developed open source operating system. 
We shouldn't force volunteers to work on code. Volunteers work on what 
they are interested in and many believe that is what gives the best 
results. The level of involvement is based on the volunteer's own freetime 
and level of interest and enjoyment. (Of course some volunteers work 
directly on what they personally need or their company requests even if 
not enjoyable.)

Nevertheless, money talks. And NetBSD has a foundation that can accept 
and distribute funding. Or as another option consider using a bounty such 

I have often seen kind volunteers work on projects outside of their common 
interest area simple because they want to benefit others, learn more, or 
trade projects.

By the way, if we had required our recent video/webcam expert(s) to code 
network drivers instead, we most likely would have not gained either code.

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