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Re: [PATCH] Add PCI-IDs for ASUS-F5SL and some SiS chips

> NetBSD died for me. So much ignorance can't be good.
> I fulliy agree with Charles M. Hannum opinion, see:

I am curious: by simply adding the pcidevs entries did it also give you 
working support for these devices?

If so, please post patches to the PR bug system. You can't assume that the 
interested and/or responsible developers are reading a discussion mailing 
list. You are very quick to give up since you only posted revised version 
a few days ago.

The opinion you linked to has nothing to do with your patch or ignoring a 

NetBSD is a great operating system. Its developers, end-users and 
community are knowledgable and very helpful. NetBSD is very innovative, 
while being quite reliable and compatible for me. Yes, I have some 
hardware needing support but overall my NetBSD experience is enjoyable and 
even though I have much experience with many other operating systems 
personally and professionally I continue to use NetBSD as my operating 
system of choice. It is comfortable and matches my needs. I follow its 
progress (and somewhat participate) and see a great future.

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