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[puts head over parapet of the trench]

I was one of the (l)users nagging for GCC 4.x to be included, back when the base was 3.

At the time, the motivation was clear: newer ordinary user-space code (X) was starting to depend on gcc 4 series to be built correctly, packages which I depended on outside of X were unhappy with a 3 series compiler, linkage between 3 and 4 series libraries was a PITA.

I very much appreciate the work people did to bring GCC 4 into the system.

But, minor number upgrade, combined with licence-wars, over optimizations for one chip arch? I'm really not sure thats a driver for me. Sure, I want NetBSD to be the bitchin' best it can be, but with the compiler available in the pkgsrc tree, I'm really not sure this one has a 'do it now' flag on it..

So if there is a post 5.0 flavour on this, I am probably much happier: after all, a bunch of OTHER work (like PR closing) probably needs doing to get 5 happening anyway.

[ducks back into the trenches]


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