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Re: SIGIO, xemacs random crashes on SMP system

On Tuesday, at 20:45, Matthias Scheler wrote:
| Is that only true for "xemacs" or can you come up with a simple
| programs that demonstrates this problem?

At the moment I couldn't reproduce any problem in a simple program (I'm still
trying though), and "xemacs" is the only application that doesn't run as
expected on my system. Of course this should be a big evidence of a problem in
xemacs itself and not in the system, but a few facts make me still doubt:

a/ it never ever happened until around January, and since then it's been pretty
   prominent and painful.
b/ even if xemacs trashes it's stack in some circumstances, I can't hardly see
   how an empty signal handler being present or absent could change something.
c/ if I stop all the cpus but one, the problem disappears (although, of course,
   xemacs is not even linked with libpthread) ...

I saw some "XXXSMP locking" comments in kern_sig.c, so I was wondering if this
could not be related. But I definitely lack of knowledge on signal handling in
the kernel to be able to understand the meaning of those XXXSMP.

Still looking for any suggestions on how to debug that...


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