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SIGIO, xemacs random crashes on SMP system

On Sunday, at 15:17, Anthony Mallet wrote:
| I am observing random crashes of xemacs on an SMP/i386 system (intel quad
| core CPU) since quite a long time now (I would say since January this year).

I've got some news regarding this.
(my previous post about this can be read here

xemacs uses internally a SIGIO handler to check for ctrl-g key combination. The
handler is clean, in the sense that it only sets a couple a global integer
variables. But:

a/ I can suppress the crashes if I remove completely the SIGIO handler.
b/ The crashes come back as soon as I enable *an empty* SIGIO handler
   (i.e. an empty function binded to SIGIO)

Are there any known problems with SIGIO on SMP systems?


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