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Re: ALTqd vs PF/ALTQ

        Hello.  Well, I've found that altq support works find with pf if you
use pf as an lkm.  We use it all the time, and it works quite well.  We've
been using it with 3.x and 4.x, without trouble.  Yes, I see those warnings
from pfctl, but, altqd works beautifully, and you just need to maintain
pf.conf and altqd.conf separately.

On Sep 8,  4:02pm, Swift Griggs wrote:
} Subject: ALTqd vs PF/ALTQ
}       I noticed that in 4.0 PF+ALTQ is a non-starter. Pf works great 
} (provided you use the lkm or compile it in), but altq rules in 
} /etc/pf.conf just elicit the same old error about lack of kernel support. 
} I did, of course, recompile the kernel to support all the ALTQ_* options. 
} However, I did so with the suspicion that this was only for the 
} gratification of the the userspace altqd. My suspicion was confirmed as 
} soon as I booted the new kernel. Altqd worked, pf+altq didn't.
}        I actually have no problem with altqd whatsoever. I've managed to 
} make it do everything I need. I've also got no problem using ipfilter over 
} pf, either. I could simply care less about the whole Darren Reed license 
} hoopla.
}       If I had a fairy-wish, I guess like to see someone brighter than 
} myself the do enough to the altq.conf(5) page to be able to remove the BUG 
} section that reads: "This man page is incomplete.  For more information 
} read the source.". I was able to glean what I needed from the source, but 
} others might not fare as well. Not seeing a mention of altq in the NetBSD 
} Guide makes me think there is still some question about what exactly the 
} future of altq is.
}       Moving right along, what is the plan for 5.0 ? Will all 
} permutations be supported (pf+altq, pf+altqd, even ipf + pf-altq) ? I just 
} want to know where my energy is best spent if I want to fully master altq 
} syntax for the next-gen NetBSD (/etc/pf.conf or /etc/altq.conf) ?
} Thanks,
}    Swift
} -- 
} Swift Griggs -- <>
} Unix Systems Administrator
>-- End of excerpt from Swift Griggs

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