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Re: ALTqd vs PF/ALTQ

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, John R. Shannon wrote:
Altq worked with pf when I last used in in NetBSD.

Well, it doesn't in 4.0:

# sysctl -a | grep altq
kern.drivers = [... snip ... whole bunch of stuff including altq]

# pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf
No ALTQ support in kernel
ALTQ related functions disabled

On my -current machine I don't see any options in GENERIC to enable pf's altq. Does it "just work" once you compile in pseudo-device pf? Can I run still altqd with pf ? Is one or the other considered deprecated at this point or will they both go on being supported indefinitely?

Swift Griggs -- <>
Unix Systems Administrator

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