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Re: Device name length restriction?

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:

Ah, OK, I'll check into that, too.  Of course, we'll probably end
up with another situation where we can't tell if a fan is broken or
just not wired - see yesterday's discussion regarding ipmi.  :)

That's why I only implemented support for one fan. We may want a
config option for that? Or use device properties to pass information
to the driver if we somehow know which fans are wired ( like in the
iBook case ).

Maybe a config flags=x option to provide a bit-mask of which sensors should be watched?

I have one in my iBook G4 but no NetBSD on it since its disk died and
the only replacement I had at hand was a 6GB Toshiba, barely enough
for MacOS X. I'd like to hear from someone with an adt7467 in
something that's not a Mac and maybe uses more than fan input.

Yeah, I'd like to hear from them, too.  I'm not going to commit the
attached diffs until someone actually tries them out and reports
success.  I'll just keep them around in my home tree for now.

Sounds reasonable since the driver's only used on macppc as far as I
know where this is a non-issue anyway.

Well, next step for me is to massage the 7463 driver into one that works on the adt7475 - that's what I've got on two of my ASUS AMD motherboards so at least I'll be able to test it myself.

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