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Re: Noisy ipmi0 after bootup?

> > ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 9'
> > ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 2'
> > ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 1'
> >...
> > Can this sort of thing be necessary?!?
> This is expected behavior with the current code, and happens on the 
> first poll interval for each sensor that is monitored.  When a new 
> monitor task is created, it has no previous reported state, so when the 
> poll determines the new state is Normal, it reports the state change.
> It would not be extremely difficult to suppress this by initializing
> the previous value for a newly-created monitor task to "Normal".
> Personally I like having the initial state reported, but I could be 
> rather easily convinced to change it.

That's what I was guessing.

I'm just concerned that having these spewed over the console screen
while sysinst is running will create a bad first impression, and such
impressions tend to count.  Not that we have a popularity contest to
win, but still, there's no need to make it even worse than it is...


- Håvard

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