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Re: Noisy ipmi0 after bootup?

On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Havard Eidnes wrote:


I notice that when I boot NetBSD install media on recent hardware
where it can find e.g. an ipmi0 device, it's spews console
messages a short while after boot-up, apparently only to tell the
user that everything is normal, e.g.

ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 9'
ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 2'
ipmi0: normal state on 'Temp 1'

etc.  Since this is on the console, these get duplicated as well,
and since they are likely to appear while sysinst is running, are
also likely to mess up the display.

Can this sort of thing be necessary?!?

This is expected behavior with the current code, and happens on the first poll interval for each sensor that is monitored. When a new monitor task is created, it has no previous reported state, so when the poll determines the new state is Normal, it reports the state change.

It would not be extremely difficult to suppress this by initializing
the previous value for a newly-created monitor task to "Normal".

Personally I like having the initial state reported, but I could be rather easily convinced to change it.

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