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HEADS UP: certain apps broken between 2008/08/25 and 2008/08/27

Hi folks.

Your builds of ntpd, ntpdate (etc) compiled from -current sources
dated between 2008/08/25 and 2008/08/27 will be broken.

This was due to a mistake on my part; <> rev 1.231 was
linking programs with the -L libraries in the wrong order, which
caused the libraries in ${DESTDIR}/usr/lib to be used in preference
to a same-named library used as LDADD+=-Lpath/to/local/objdir -lfoo.

In the specific case of usr.sbin/ntp/*, this meant that usr.sbin/bind 's
/usr/lib/libisc*.a was used in preference to usr.sbin/ntp/libisc/libisc.a,
and due to minor ABI differences, caused a run-time failure.

Kudos to Valeriy E. Ushakov <> for highlighting
the problem to me, and also for identifying the ABI mismatch
between the installed usr.sbin/bind/libisc and the "private"

My apologies for causing this,

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