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Re: NetBSD vs. Acer Aspire One (feat. dmesg)

Paul Goyette wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Robert Swindells wrote:

>>> The sdhc(4)/sdmmc(4) driver has already been ported to NetBSD and works
>>> fairly well.  However, there was some objection to its emulation of a
>>> scsipi device.  I'm in the process of converting it to use ld(4), but
>>> have run into some locking issues.  I don't have one of these SD card
>>> readers myself (I'm working on the driver for someone else), so it's a
>>> slow debugging process.
>> The locking issues have only appeared fairly recently, it would be
>> good to get something into the tree to avoid this kind of breakage
>> happening again.

>Well, actually, the version of sdhc(4)/sdmmc(4) that uses a scsipi layer 
>works fairly well, with no locking issues that I'm aware of.  I didn't 
>do the initial port, I just cleaned up the code that was posted here 
>some months ago.  I've lost the Email addr of the person who posted it,
>but it should be in the Email archives.

It did work well, it now panics when you insert a card.

Robert Swindells

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