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Re: xorg removal

On Friday 27 June 2008 23:43:17 Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Hello,
> I finally got around to remove the xorg subdirectory from the xsrc tree.
> I did not CVS delete it, I actually removed it so that it does not take
> up useless space and waste time in checkouts. You should delete it manually
> too. We had decided to remove this a long time ago because this version
> is stale, it never worked, and nobody is maintaining it. The recent
> security advisories is the reason I did this now rather than later.
> christos

So does this mean NetBSD is not switching to Xorg? Are there other projects 
that still prefer to use XFree86? Isn't Xorg supposed to be way better and 
far ahead of XFree86?

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