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LDAP support in NetBSD -- my test results

I have done some testing of newly ldap-enabled NetBSD components and
found them to work pretty well.

My environment was netbsd-current i386 hitting osx running a
hand-compiled openldap 2.4.

A brief summary:
ldap* tools (ldapmodify -- ldapadd and friends are just modules of
modify) work perfectly with ldap and ldaps configured with
/etc/openldap/ldap.conf and ~/.ldaprc

postfix works with ldap and ldaps.  (I only tested that aliases were
queried)  This is is configured in and external cf files.

amd only seems to support ldap (no ldaps).


p.s. I can probably host an internet-accessible ldap/ldaps server if
it's needed for coming up with docs, recommended schema development,
updating am-utils, etc.  Reply directly to me if you're interested in

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