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Re: ipf/ipnat behavior

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 12:13:13 pm Paul Goyette wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
> > Was the laptop attempting a udp or tcp connection? I seem to remember a 
> > back needing to switch to tcp for everything so that nfs was stable. On a
> > very similar system with very few connections, udp still functions fine.
> All the machines were running NFS in default mode, which means UDP.  I 
> have been running this way for years without any problems, until just 
> recently when it broke hard.  Perhaps it was just coincidence, but at 
> first it broke only on the single machine on which I run IPNAT, and it 
> broke immediately after a new version of IPNAT was imported.  Just bad 
> timing, I guess, cuz a few days later it then started breaking on the 
> laptop!
> I've since changed everything to TCP, and everything is once again 
> happy.

Mine was all default too. Switching to tcp fixed _most_ of my issues.

> > the easiest thing to replicate, for me at least. I've also had other
> > instances where nfs will kill a system, so I've avoided using it in the 
> > that eventually other people would be interested enough in the 
> > that exist and then maybe I can assist ...
> In my case, it was emminently reproducible, nearly 100%.  And it only 
> affected _one_ of the NFS volumes mounted on the afflicted machine;  the 
> other NFS volumes had no issues _most_of_the_time_!

Yes this is the same for me. The particular client in question just happened 
to be the one domu I actually use and needed. If I was to use it as I had 
been, it would indeed lock up at some point. I don't think it was triggered 
as easily as in your situation though. I'm guessing that if a system locks up 
at anytime without throwing _some_ error, then there is a bug somewhere. It 
could be coincidence but it seems strange that switching to tcp should have 
such an impact.

I have a feeling there might be something being exposed maybe with recent 
changes. Well, with any luck ;)

If there are any scenarios you want to throw my way for testing, feel free. 
They'll all be domu though, in case that matters.


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