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Re: ipf/ipnat behavior

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Sarton O'Brien wrote:

Was the laptop attempting a udp or tcp connection? I seem to remember a while
back needing to switch to tcp for everything so that nfs was stable. On a
very similar system with very few connections, udp still functions fine.

All the machines were running NFS in default mode, which means UDP. I have been running this way for years without any problems, until just recently when it broke hard. Perhaps it was just coincidence, but at first it broke only on the single machine on which I run IPNAT, and it broke immediately after a new version of IPNAT was imported. Just bad timing, I guess, cuz a few days later it then started breaking on the laptop!

I've since changed everything to TCP, and everything is once again happy.

the easiest thing to replicate, for me at least. I've also had other
instances where nfs will kill a system, so I've avoided using it in the hope
that eventually other people would be interested enough in the problems/bugs
that exist and then maybe I can assist ...

In my case, it was emminently reproducible, nearly 100%. And it only affected _one_ of the NFS volumes mounted on the afflicted machine; the other NFS volumes had no issues _most_of_the_time_!

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