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Re: current kernels hang on i386 and amd64

2008/5/29 Roy Marples <>:
> On Wednesday 28 May 2008 22:10:51 you wrote:
>> Has this bug been squashed?
>> The last 4.99.63 i386 kernel I built two days ago still hangs the
>> machine -- after a halt or reboot is issued -- at "Unmounting file
>> systems..."
> I get this too.

Me too, but - only when doing system install/upgrade from a CD - same
on physical or VMware m/c - it does the job just fine, but freezes at
the same point, hard reset is the only way out. Otherwise all my
systems reboot/shutdown properly. I was going to download one of the
CD images from releng to see if the same applies to them, later...

>> It's an ancient Micron dual-PPro 180mhz with all of 256mbyte ram that
>> I have used as a learning tool for CGD..
> On my shiny new Core2 Quad in an Abit IP35 Pro motherboard with 4G RAM.
> Works if I disable SMP at boot with the option
> boot netbsd -1
> Someone ought to add that to boot.cfg as the machine needs ACPI to get the
> disks up :)
> Boot without ACPI
> Boot without SMP    - obvious missing option!
> Boot without ACPI and SMP
> Thanks
> Roy

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