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Re: Setting boot verbosity in the kernel config

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 5:06 AM, Stephen Borrill
<> wrote:
> In an embedded or customer-facing product, we don't want the kernel autoconf
> messages welcoming them. That's what boot -z is aim at. Due to incomplete
> aprint_* conversion, it's currently less than successful, but that's not my
> problem here (I use a local hack that basically makes printf() a copy of
> aprint_normal()).
>  I want to be able to set the boot verbosity in the kernel configuration and
> not have to hack the bootloader to pass the appropriate boot flags.
>  I also want the option to go back to normal or verbose mode from the
> bootloader if I wish.
>  So I've created a patch which provides something like:
>  options         BOOT_VERBOSITY="AB_SILENT"
>  The option is ORed with boothowto. It adds a AB_FORCENORMAL flag too which
> clears boothowto first. This can be used in both the kernel config and
> access with a new -n flag in the boot loader.
>  This means you can use BOOT_VERBOSITY="AB_SILENT" and then go back to
> normal with boot -n. Or if you want to stop the bootloader overriding it at
>  The patch is here:
>  It's incomplete in that I've not updated the usage() text in the various
> bootloaders that use it to reflect the new flag.
>  --

Nice.  Have you used this with vesafb/splashscreen?

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