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Re: login(1) fails since update

Jukka Salmi --> current-users (2008-04-16 18:46:55 +0200):
> Hello,
> since I updated userland on a system using Kerberos V, I can't log in
> anymore. After I enter the password the ticket is obtained successfully
> (according to kdc logs), but then login prints:
>       login: pam_acct_mgmt: permission denied
> and fails. Non-krb5-logins still work fine.
> This is probably related to the recent Heimdal update; at least I don't
> see any recent changes to the PAM code.

Problem solved: my ~/.k5login did not list the user I was trying to
log in with. This worked fine with old krb5_kuserok(3) semantics but
fails now. Of course adding the user to ~/.k5ogin or removing the file
altogether fixes the problem.

Cheers, Jukka

bashian roulette:
$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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