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Re: wpi(4) driver in -current

On 14/01/2008, Alexander V. Butenko <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Guys, maybe anybody using wpi with netbsd?
> I have problem with WPA and WEP networks.
> Laptop can connect to WPA networks but connection is very unstable. All
> the time it disconnects from network during 1-5-20 minutes of work.

Same on my HP nx6310. At this moment in time I've given up on WPA and,
o horror, use it with no encryption... It's very stable this way,
though  . . .

> According to a WEP networks it cant connect to them at all.


> Another problem that network scanner is not working as well. All it cant
> find any networks even if im standing right near accesspoint.

I've always connected to networks I know about; necer tried scanning at all.

> Maybe somebody have a patches or a workarounds which i can try to test?
> My pc is Sony Vaio UX50. Its an UMPC with wpi wireless on the board.
> Alex

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