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Re: ACPI functionality loss for older i386 mainboards with -current acpi changes during 2007

Markus W Kilbinger --> current-users (2008-01-03 12:14:50 +0100):
> Hi!
> Testing -current's acpi functionality on 2 older i386 mainboards
>   ASUS A7M266-D
>   ASUS P3B-F
> (still) shows severe problems:
> - Both are not able to power down ('shutdown -p now'). Both freezes
>   the machines after synching the disks.
> - On the P3B-F -current is no longer capable to simply reboot the
>   machine (after synching the disks a lot of error messages of its
>   scsi controller appear and the machine is unresponsive).
> This simple/basic (acpi) functionality was working fine on both
> machines running -current of/at the beginning of 2007 and was lost
> during further -current changes in 2007 till now. Searching
> yields some other people having similar problems
> with their (older?) mainboards, too.

I'm running -current on a i386 system with an ASUS A7V8X-X mainboard.
Since the latest ACPI changes poweroff(8) fails (printing acpi0:
entering state 5, but then the system reboots). Previously poweroff(8)
worked fine with an ACPI kernel on that system.

> As commented by Joerg Sonnenberger <> in
> private mail the apci bios of the A7M266-D seems to be broken, but I
> couldn't find a way to solve this (acpi-iasl, ACPI_DSDT_OVERRIDE
> etc.).
> So, what will be -current's 'solution' for these mainboards?

APM? ;-)

> I can provide further info / testing of these 2 mentioned mainboards.

Same here...

Regards, Jukka

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$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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