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Re: Adding openresolv to base

Michael van Elst wrote:
>> You have not demonstrated a standard tool to allow multiple interfaces  
>> to manage this.
> For each interface you write the data into a parameter file. m4
> will merge all data and apply the selection logic. If you think
> this is too complex for m4, chose a real language.

resolvconf does this also.
I don't see an option to remove data and restore prior data on link down
though. How do your m4 scripts cater for that? Does it cater for merging
from different interfaces?

resolvconf and it's subscribers (plugins) are written in shell and work
with tools only found in / as /usr may not be available, so it's quite
extensible and scriptable.

>> handle this. Maybe each user should be forced to write their own  
>> dhclient-script like for ppp? I think not.
> But users already do this because writing resolv.conf is only
> one of the tasks.

If we eliminate the task of the user having to script the writing of
resolv.conf AND supply configurable knobs to ensure a valid resolv.conf
persists when interface X goes up and down

>> The above allows us to create a simple GUI for configuring PPPoE with  
>> these boxes
> All this is completely unrelated to GUIs.

It was meant to show that you don't need to learn $language to do a get
a PPP link up with persistent DNS across multpile links provided that
reasonable default scripts are supplied.

>> Maybe it's me, but I'm really missing the bit where your telling me what  
>> this other information obtained from the link is.
> Network parameters, routes, Web proxy settings, Mail gateway, .....
> I mentioned that. The fact that your dhcp client and your resolv.conf
> writing tool doen't care about it don't make a difference.

Lets take your PPP example still.
Network parameters - IP address added to the interface, check
routes - dhcpcd-5 can handle adding default routes to PtP destinations,
DNS servers - added to resolvconf, check.
Web proxy and mail gateway settings - where are these obtained from the
PPP link?

The reason why my tools don't care about your web proxy and mail gateway
is this - they are not part of the auto-configuration of the interface
from the supplied data. They are part of the user configuration of the
interface from user supplied data, like the restarting of your NAT, etc.

Now we have this understanding we have two different requirements - one
to handle automatically supplied configuration and one to handle user
supplied configuration. resolvconf fills one requirement and your
proposed tool fills the other requirement. Are we in agreement over this?



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