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Re: Adding openresolv to base

Michael van Elst wrote:
Then I maybe should repeat what was stripped:

For a qualified decision on how to handle multiple, possibly
conflicting, configurations, you can (and have to) supply some
intelligence in form of a shell script. And since this
mechanism isn't limited to resolv.conf entries, it can be
used to handle other configuration options.

Do you know of any link auto-configuration mechanisms other than DHCP that provide information beyond what goes into resolv.conf?

One reason DHCP INFORM exists is so that these mechanisms (PPP, VPN, etc) can get extra information once the link is up. But a lot of these sites don't support DHCP INFORM and only provide DNS servers and maybe a domain. For these sites we have resolvconf.

Whilst the goal of your proposed tool is a noble one, I think it's overkill compared to what is actually needed in userland. In other words, the intelligence belongs in the DHCP client but 3rd parties have the need to inject DNS information into the mix.



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