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Re: groff/-mandoc replacement (OT)

>> In particular, to someone reading the source, .Pp meaning "I don't
>> want a new paragraph but I want a blank line" is indistinguishable
>> from .Pp meaning "I want a new paragraph".
> You could do that by using .Lp, which is supposed to describe the
> former, even though they are currently aliases.

That sounds perfect for my purposes, and it works in my tests.  I might
still want a force blank line, like my .bL, for something, but offhand
I can't think what (well, can't think what except for cases that
involve abusing -mdoc for purposes it's not intended for, which is not
a use case I think NetBSD should care about).

This is great.  I'll be getting rid of .bL in my writing, replacing it
with .Lp - doing an automated sweep to catch most cases, and fixing
others up as I notice them.

Is this property of .Lp documented anywhere?  I don't find it in either
mdoc(7) or mdoc.samples(7) on one machine I have handy; on another,
it's documented as an alternative name for .Pp, but without any remarks
on the semantic difference mentioned in the double-quote above.

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