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Re: groff/-mandoc replacement (OT)

>>> [...], "what I want" is a blank line, [...]
>>  .Pp  The `.Pp' paragraph command may be used to specify a line
>>       space where necessary.  [...]
> Be warned that nroff may decide to squeeze out multiple blank lines,
> so a whole file full of Pp ends up being a singleton.

> .br is the appropriate troff/evil request, but nroff may still decide
> against honouring it.  --kk

.br wasn't enough in my tests.  The incantation I eventually settled
on, which seems to work for me, is

.de bL
\&\ \&

(which defines .bL for the purpose).  Some one of these years I should
learn enough roff to go read the mdoc source myself....

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