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Re: Status of Citrus libiconv?

>>>>> On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 02:02:01 +0100,
        Gábor Kövesdán <> said:

>> Implement //TRANSLIT please. :-)
>> Altough it is nonstandard, it's widely used and also very useful.

No, it's not. ;-)

GNU iconv violates POSIX specification at the following point:
: If iconv() encounters a character in the input buffer that is valid,
: but for which an identical character does not exist in the target
: codeset, iconv() shall perform an implementation-defined conversion on
: this character.

GNU iconv stops to translate its conversion in this case, and the
"//TRANSLIT" option is used to make GNU iconv conform to this POSIX

i.e. If GNU iconv was POSIX compliant, the "//TRANSLIT" option was
not needed at all.

> Thanks, I'll consider it. Common usability is very important for this 
> project.

Due to the following reasons, you don't have to implement it.
- Citrus iconv is POSIX compliant by default.
- Citrus iconv in NetBSD-current just ignores strings after "//",
  just for the GNU iconv compatibility.  ;-) ;-)

There are things which may be nice to implement, but perhaps
Shiozaki-san or Nozaki-san have time to mention such features...

Thanks Shiozaki-san for the information written in this mail. :)

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