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Re: Status of Citrus libiconv?


Due to the following reasons, you don't have to implement it.
- Citrus iconv is POSIX compliant by default.
- Citrus iconv in NetBSD-current just ignores strings after "//",
  just for the GNU iconv compatibility.  ;-) ;-)
Thanks for this clarification, I didn't know it either.
There are things which may be nice to implement, but perhaps
Shiozaki-san or Nozaki-san have time to mention such features...
That would be nice, because I've never worked with this implementation, so I don't know it very well. I'll install NetBSD and will try to run GNU's regression test on Citrus iconv. Or does it have an own one? If you know about any information source, like an internal TODO list or something, that would be nice. I looked for a "Citrus repository" but then I found out with a NetBSD page that there's no such one, so I just looked at the code and didn't find any README or TODO there.


Gabor Kovesdan
FreeBSD Volunteer

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