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Re: Adding a simple editor to the base system

> user:
> ...
> - may not want to learn
Sooner or later he'll have to. Being user friendly is fine, but being
lazy-user predicting is just stupid. I still think putting a notice how to
use man(1) and which man pages to read first in /etc/skel/{.profile,.login}
is a better solution.

> - may not use a PC
Eh? Why bother, then? If the user is not using a computer, then presumably
he's not using NetBSD or any other OS either. I can't exactly understand what
you mean. It's OK to have ee/edit, but please don't pollute base. Those of you
who think there should be easier and more intuitive tools, please consider
adding a tools.tgz to binary/sets so that one has a choice whether or not to
install them.


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