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Re: pkgsrc/devel/git-base vs. Mac OS X

Hi Greg,

> Am 22.12.2022 um 13:42 schrieb Greg Troxel <>:
> You said macOS, but what version, and what CPU type?   Have you updated
> pkgsrc to head and rebuilt everything via bulk, pkg_rr, or redoing
> bootstrap and startign over?

This is on an Intel MacBook Pro from 2019 (13“, 4x Thunderbolt 3)
With Mac OS X Monterey 12.6

uname -a:
Darwin 21.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 21.6.0: Mon Aug 22 20:17:10 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8020.140.49~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Compiler was freshly installed:
#     sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
#     xcode-select —install

pkgsrc-current is from Dec 18th, tools are freshly bootstrapped on this machine from  non-root account:

sh bootstrap/bootstrap \
        --prefix=${PKGSRCHOME}/pkg \
        --workdir=${PKGSRCHOME}/work \
        --pkgdbdir=${PKGSRCHOME}/pkgdb \
        --varbase=${PKGSRCHOME}/pkg/var \

I built git-base via:

	cd …/pkgsrc/devel/git-base
	bmake install

Is there more information that I can provide?

> On a 2010ish imac with macOS 10.13, I recently ran pkg_rr and yesterday
> it built git-base-2.39.0 just fine.   So you are having a different
> experience and we should figure out why.

yes please.

> I looked at patch-Makefile.  The patch has not changed from how it was
> in very early 2022, other than defuzzing to keep up with upstream.
> I think TAR is getting set in the enviroment by pkgsrc and the point of
> removing all those settings is to use what pkgsrc passes in, but I'm not
> quite sure.
> Your patch drops the TAR line, and while that might make it build on
> your system, I suspect it causes problems in other places.
> I would expect libintl is found via bl3.  It's going to be in different
> places in different builds, so if we need -L it should be passed in
> from the pkgsrc makefile.
> Besides explaining your build environment and retrying after you are
> fully up to date, please post build output, and looknto
> work/.buildlink/lib to see what's there.  I see a libintl.8.dylib
> pointing to /opt/pkg/lib/libintl.8.dylib.

I’ve tried to undo my patch with "cvs up -C“ in pkgsrc/devel/git-base, funny enough this gave me a git update, 
so I’ve updated all of pkgsrc now to the state as of 2022-22-22 ~19:30 CET to get us to a common base:

	cd …/pkgsrc
	cvs update

Funny enough, the build went fine for pkgsrc/devel/git-base now. 

What to say? 
This is not the first time I’ve spent time on finding out why things fail in funny ways, and which I find rather frustrating. 
I whish I knew how to reproduce this error, find out what went wrong and how to make pkgsrc more robust.

For today, „cvs update“ did the job.

 - Hubert

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