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Re: pkgsrc/devel/git-base vs. Mac OS X

You said macOS, but what version, and what CPU type?   Have you updated
pkgsrc to head and rebuilt everything via bulk, pkg_rr, or redoing
bootstrap and startign over?

I took a look at this and am not following.

(I have a number of old macs because for some reason people give me
their end-of-life computers.  Some are running netbsd and some macOS; I
build packages on them, especially leading up to branch.)

On a 2010ish imac with macOS 10.13, I recently ran pkg_rr and yesterday
it built git-base-2.39.0 just fine.   So you are having a different
experience and we should figure out why.

I will be trying to do builds on an up-to-date macOS.

I looked at patch-Makefile.  The patch has not changed from how it was
in very early 2022, other than defuzzing to keep up with upstream.
I think TAR is getting set in the enviroment by pkgsrc and the point of
removing all those settings is to use what pkgsrc passes in, but I'm not
quite sure.

Your patch drops the TAR line, and while that might make it build on
your system, I suspect it causes problems in other places.

I would expect libintl is found via bl3.  It's going to be in different
places in different builds, so if we need -L it should be passed in
from the pkgsrc makefile.

Besides explaining your build environment and retrying after you are
fully up to date, please post build output, and look into
work/.buildlink/lib to see what's there.  I see a libintl.8.dylib
pointing to /opt/pkg/lib/libintl.8.dylib.


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