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Building pkgsrc with gcc12 using pkg_rolling-replace

I am trying to use pkg_rolling-replace to build pkgsrc with gcc12.  I am running into lots of messages like the following:

rr> [gcc12 cwrappers]
RR> Tsorting dependency graph
tsort: cycle in data
tsort: gcc12
tsort: digest
tsort: gsed

My /etc/mk.conf is attached below, which I thought includes enough to prevent dependencies of gcc12 from depending on it.  That version was taken from the auto-pkgsrc-setup script, but I have also tried to use one that only includes the packages that gcc12 depends on (as revealed by make clean-depends).

What needs to be set up to avoid these cycles and have pkg_rolling-replace work better?

Does it matter that these packages were not originally build with gcc12 and that the whole purpose of this is to recompile everything with the new compiler?  To do that, I set rebuild=YES on all packages prior to running pkg_rolling-replace.

Thanks for your help.


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