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Re: building with native X11 type on FreeBSD - pkgconfig dir and pkgtools/x11-links

Sean Champ <> writes:

>> Is X11 part of FreeBSD or isn't it?  Surely it is not in /usr/local?
>> What is the path?
> X11 on FreeBSD is provided via port builds. /usr/local is the default
> LOCALBASE or prefix for port builds on FreeBSD

I see.  FreeBSD does not have X11 in the base system, and everybody on
FreeBSD builds it from ports, which is probably very similar to
X11_TYPE=modular in pkgsrc.

It could be fair to call that native, as it is the standard approach.

I would then look into platforms/, other mk places  with
os-specific ifdefs as mentioned upthread, and x11-links.  I think what
you want to is doable, but suggest you think of it as fixing the
infrastructure rather than configuring for it.

>> > For purpose of testing my local build with an alternate pkg-config files
>> local build of what?  You are, I think, doing something unusual, and not
>> explainging it well enough.  Assume that we here have not run freebsd
>> (or not in a long time) and don't know what's up, and that we have no
>> idea what you are doing.
> By 'local' I mean, juxtaposed to anything for official pkg builds, NetBSD
> or Joyent for instance

As in you have bootstrapped pkgsrc to some prefix, which is all I woudl
expect can be done for FreeBSD.  joyent/mnx doesn't seem to provide
FreeBSD builds.

> For what it's worth I was thinking "native" might be interpreted as "Just
> the base system," e.g what FreeBSD builds under /usr/src. In a components
> sense, this would be absent of any additional userspace builds under ports.
> If adding ports to the base system under some configuration, the port
> builds themselves may have been configured on the build host in some way
> differing from the official FreeBSD builds. Thus, "Local"

But 'local' means 'you doing something', vs 'installing something
beyond-base that is standard'.

Another thing to consider is that with the NetBSD x sets, after you
install them, there is a lot of stuff present.  With FreeBSD it depends
on what you've built.    Those can be used if present, but there's no
easy way to recurse to ask ports to build something that is needed.  So
I see two viable paths:

  use modular

  define native on FreeBSD  to mean ports in /usr/local, and consider
  that viable if some meta-package that is all of X11 is installed, and
  otherwise consider it missing

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