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Re: building with native X11 type on FreeBSD - pkgconfig dir and pkgtools/x11-links

On Thu, Dec 15, 2022 at 4:42 AM Greg Troxel <> wrote:

Sean Champ <> writes:

> For what it's worth at one point, I'd been testing out some variables by
> adding those to platform/, at least partly to be sure that those
> variables would be defined soon enough in the build, though I wasn't
> certain about that approach. The host ports such that this configuration
> would make reference to, of course these aren't part of the FreeBSD base
> system. Maybe the platform/*.mk files could be limited to some invariant
> features across the essential base system of an opsys?

I do not understand what is going on or what you are trying to do.

Is X11 part of FreeBSD or isn't it?  Surely it is not in /usr/local?
What is the path?

X11 on FreeBSD is provided via port builds. /usr/local is the default LOCALBASE or prefix for port builds on FreeBSD
> For purpose of testing my local build with an alternate pkg-config files

local build of what?  You are, I think, doing something unusual, and not
explainging it well enough.  Assume that we here have not run freebsd
(or not in a long time) and don't know what's up, and that we have no
idea what you are doing.

By 'local' I mean, juxtaposed to anything for official pkg builds, NetBSD or Joyent for instance

The "build" part is what I'm trying to manage with pkgsrc, of course.

Previously, I was trying to integrate this pkgsrc build with components built under Poudriere, in a local build for FreeBSD ports.

Poudriere is a port build system implemented in sh

> For what it's worth, after I'd encountered issues with libiconv and gettext
> support under pkg builds in the builtin approach, I'd revered to
> X11_TYPE=modular throughout the pkg builds, then using libiconv and gettext
> libs from pkgsrc. Maybe the X11_TYPE=native approach is possible. The
> modular approach might be much more succinct though, lol.

modualr is likely easier.  native ought to work, but you keep saying
'local' and local is not native.  native means what the OS installs.

For what it's worth I was thinking "native" might be interpreted as "Just the base system," e.g what FreeBSD builds under /usr/src. In a components sense, this would be absent of any additional userspace builds under ports.

If adding ports to the base system under some configuration, the port builds themselves may have been configured on the build host in some way differing from the official FreeBSD builds. Thus, "Local"
Adjusting pkgsrc to use native for something you did instead is driving
outside the guardrails. 

I believe I'm only trying to build pkgs with pkgsrc, lol.
It's free software so you are welcome to do so
but you should be very clear on that when posting so that people can
decline to join you in offroading (which is how I will choose).  I don't
mean to be unkind - I wish you luck, but it is not something I wish to
dig into.
Well, thanks.

Health, all

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