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Re: building with native X11 type on FreeBSD - pkgconfig dir and pkgtools/x11-links

* On 2022-12-15 at 07:49 GMT, Sean Champ wrote:

Returning to the USE_BUILTIN approach, I wonder if it could be possible to
make a port that would function in some ways similar to pkgtools/x11-links
but for the host libiconv and host gettext libs? If the build would have
everything it needs from the host libraries and host includes for gettext
and libiconv support, then maybe it could work out under USE_BUILTIN in the
buildlink support.

That's how buildlink already works. If you have a platform where IS_BUILTIN.* is "no" when you think it should be "yes" then it's likely we're just missing some additional logic in the relevant files.

x11-links is an historical wart, and long-term we should be looking to ditch it and convert everything over to regular buildlink3, not the other way around.

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