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Re: ccache fails to build NetBSD 9/amd64

> And, the new ccache needs cmake, and that isn't marked to skip.   I
> really meant revert, which is in my view the appropriate action for
> changes that should have been discussed and were not, when there are
> significant objections.
> I realize you didn't foresee these difficulties, but this is upstream
> going off the rails (cmake, c++17) and such an update requires
> discussion, especially in pre-freeze times.  This wasn't explicitly on
> the 12/1 freeze list (now it is), but it's in the same class of build
> infrastructure for which problems make it hard to deal with fixing other
> things.
> As I asked before, please revert so that devel/ccache is as it was, and
> fel free to have ccache4, which is our normal pattern for adding new
> versions of things that have to be versioned.  (It is obvious that we
> will have 3 and 4 both for a long time.)  I do not want to deal with the
> churn in other dependencies and the perhaps long chain of consequences,
> and it's already the case that it is proving trickier to fix than
> expected.

What's there to discuss? ccache has been in TODO for quite some time. If someone think an update might be problematic, one should add a comment in TODO.

I prefer ccache v4 to stay in devel/ccache. Adding devel/ccache4 might be problematic when v5 comes out. We've seen this kind of versioning problems before.

Kind regards,

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