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Re: ccache fails to build NetBSD 9/amd64

> With pkgsrc from last night, and pkg_rr completed, ccache fails to
> build, referring to libraries I have never heard of.  It looks like
> ccache 4 is vastly more complicated than 3, but maybe this is easy to
> fix.
> I think ccache has to work on most platforms, without dragging in new
> compilers, except that maybe NetBSD 8 is at the point of
> not-really-supported-at-all.
> I am also puzzled by redis, as ccache is low-level build tool, and
> surely one is not expected to run a redis server to use it.  If it's
> just that it can be configured for redis and the client library is not
> hard to build (it built for me) then that seems ok.  The commit message
> updating to ccache doesn't mention redis at all.
> Has anyone successfully built, or failed to build, ccache 4?

It needs GCC>=8, c99, and c++17. Fixed.

Thanks :)

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