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Re: pkgsrc firefox91 - rust-fu needed for borrowed value

> Attempting to build firefox91 with rust1.64 chokes with the below
> error, presumably due to stricter borrow checking. The affected file
> is completely different in firefox102, and I know enough rust to
> recognise it two times out of three...
> So the options seem to be:
> a) Have someone with rust-fu to take a look
> b) Add a rust163 package to build firefox91
> c) Drop firefox91
> David
> error[E0597]: `desc_set` does not live long enough
>    --> gfx/wgpu/wgpu-core/src/device/
>     |
> 1795 |                     set: desc_set.raw_mut(),
>     |                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ borrowed value does
> not live long enough
> ...
> 1816 |     }

I tried to fix it, but it is more difficult than it seems at the first sight, because the structure does not implement Clone, it comes from an external crate, and so on.

I suggest removing firefox91 completely. Adding and maintaining Rust 1.63.0 would just complicate things.

Kind regards,

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