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evince versions

We seem to be having confusion or a revert war with evince, without

I really don't understand about evince, but we have a norm that either

  we have version suffixes on all packages, or

  we have a single unversioned package, and we as a group expect  that
  there will be no need to have multiple versions more or less
  indefinitely, where if there has been a need in the past, that means a
  basis for expecting that it will not need to happen for maybe 3 years

It seems that we had print/evince3 (versioned due to history), then
unversioned print/evince.  I asked "[Do] you believe that for the next 3
years, there will be no need/desire to have 2 version of evince in
pkgsrc?"  and was told yes that was true, just yesterday.

So, we need to do one of:

  decide that print/evince3 should not exist and remove it from main
  pkgsrc (wip is fine)

  decide that evince is one of those pesky programs where upstream
  behavior is such that there are good reasons for people to run old
  versions, and change print/evince to print/evince43 or whatever is
  appropriate given GNOME's approach to version numbers.

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