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rust embedded pathnames

I am working on an update to chat/matrix-synapse and the new version has
a bug of depending on rust :-(   But seriously, the build fails because
of WRKSRC refs:

  => Checking for work-directory references in matrix-synapse-1.68.0
  ERROR: /usr/pkg/lib/python3.10/site-packages/synapse/      Binary file /tmp/work/chat/matrix-synapse/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/lib/python3.10/site-packages/synapse/ matches
  ERROR: *** The above files still have references to the build directory.
  ERROR:     This is possibly an error that should be fixed by unwrapping
  ERROR:     the files or adding missing tools to the package makefile!
  *** Error code 1

and objdump -x shows;

  Contents of section .rodata:
   47d20 8841fcff 9c41fcff dd41fcff f841fcff  .A...A...A...A..
   47d30 2642fcff 2f746d70 2f776f72 6b2f6368  &B../tmp/work/ch
   47d40 61742f6d 61747269 782d7379 6e617073  at/matrix-synaps
   47d50 652f776f 726b2f2e 686f6d65 2f2e6361  e/work/.home/.ca
   47d60 72676f2f 72656769 73747279 2f737263  rgo/registry/src
   47d70 2f676974 6875622e 636f6d2d 31656363  /
   47d80 36323939 64623965 63383233 2f70796f  6299db9ec823/pyo
   47d90 332d302e 31362e36 2f737263 2f696d70  3-0.16.6/src/imp
   47da0 6c5f2f65 78747261 63745f61 7267756d  l_/extract_argum
   47db0 656e742e 72737475 706c652e 67657420  ent.rstuple.get
   47dc0 6661696c 65642f74 6d702f77 6f726b2f  failed/tmp/work/
   47dd0 63686174 2f6d6174 7269782d 73796e61  chat/matrix-syna
   47de0 7073652f 776f726b 2f2e686f 6d652f2e  pse/work/.home/.
   47df0 63617267 6f2f7265 67697374 72792f73  cargo/registry/s
   47e00 72632f67 69746875 622e636f 6d2d3165  rc/
   47e10 63633632 39396462 39656338 32332f70  cc6299db9ec823/p
   47e20 796f332d 302e3136 2e362f73 72632f74  yo3-0.16.6/src/t
   47e30 79706573 2f747570 6c652e72 73617474  ypes/tuple.rsatt
   47e40 656d7074 65642074 6f206665 74636820  empted to fetch
   47e50 65786365 7074696f 6e206275 74206e6f  exception but no
   47e60 6e652077 61732073 65745079 53747269  ne was setPyStri
   47e70 6e670000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ng..............

I am guessing this is just strings with source file names for debugging
output, and therefore:

  is this really a bug, or overzealous check?

  is there any way to (reasonably) fix the underlying problem?  or just

  whatever else I should have asked instead.

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